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My Interest & Fascination with this Study!

Happy New Year, let’s make 2024 a fantastic year!

I have just started watching You Are What You Eat – The Twin Study on NetFlix.  It is a Limited Series that popped up for me today.  I have watched lots of food and health related documentaries on NetFlix, they always fascinate, inform and provide great fodder for pondering their content.

This new series fascinates me because within each set of identical twins one follows a healthy omnivore eating lifestyle and the other follows a healthy plant based eating lifestyple.  Having travelled both eating lifestyles, currently enjoying a healthy omnivore eating lifestyle, I am very interested and fascinated with how this scientific study pans out.

The beauty of this from an Epicure Product perspective is that approximately 90% of all Epicure Products are fully plant based and for every one of these products there are various protein options presented right on the package to suit your eating lifestyle!

I am wondering if you knew this about Epicure products and if you have ever contemplated enjoying a more plant based lifestyle for health reasons.  Whether or not you enjoy an omnivore eating lifestyle the amount of animal protein is something to think about too!

So many decisions to be made when so many of the food offerings we have available to us are so absolutely delicious! What are we to do????

One option is to take a look at where your animal protein is sourced, how it is raised, cared for and medicated.  This allows you to make an informed decision about what you are putting into your body and into that of the people you prepare food for.

Another option is to look at the ingredients you are using to season and enhance your meals as well as the sweets you prepare.  This is where I truly believe Epicure is the best option.  Our Never Ever List and other product information shared here is a great place to start your investigation into good food options, What We’re Made Of | Epicure.com Another great option is the Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen published by The Environmental Working Group, EWG’s 2023 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce | Clean Fifteen and EWG’s 2023 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce | Dirty Dozen.

Take a look at these and let me know what you think in the comments below.  I am here to answer any questions I can and to offer advice on local places to purchase clean products to fuel our bodies!