EXCITING NEWS: Your Nourishment Journey starts here!

It’s Holiday Season, not what you think!

Today, October 3rd is the Fall and Holiday Season Launch for Epicure and if you are an Epicure Ambassador it is just like a holiday! We are all so excited for the new products, the new possibilities and we are all thinking about how we can best serve our clients with these new products.  Really Epicure Ambassadors get 4 additional holidays a year, one for each season launch.

Let me tell you why:

  • Epicure gives us so many options to serve our community and our customers with new and exciting season blends each season
  • Current food trends are met with quick and delicious meal options that even a foodie will be delighted with
  • During the Holiday Season holiday gifting with Epicure has never been easier, offering new products to help you enjoy the holidays with a bit more pizzazz!
  • As an Ambassador I get a sneak peak at all of these products in advance so that I am ready to share my excitement with you in ways that will enrich your lives
  • Many of our products contain organic ingredients and our products contain non-irradiated herbs and spices
  • We have a Never Ever list that has 103 food additives and harmful ingredients listed on it that you will never find in any Epicure products
  • As always we offer products that are Gluten Free/Nut Free/Kosher certified/Halal certified
  • All our recipes utilize whole, real foods, not processed alternatives, and many products are low or no-sodium as well as being sugar conscious

Today is an awesome day to take a look at Epicure and join in a on our mission to share Epicure to every household across North America.

What do you think you want to try first?

Take a look here, I know you will find something that strikes your fancy, Home Page | Epicure.com!