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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!!!

So glad you’re here! We’re Becky and Jeremy Launder, and we’re thrilled to virtually connect with you! Let us share a bit about ourselves… Our family includes two amazing kiddos, Makenzie (10) and Cody (8), who constantly keep us busy and entertained. We’re both proud San Diego natives and absolutely adore soaking up the warm sun, discovering tasty new restaurants, and embarking on fun-filled family getaways. And, of course, we’re total sales, marketing and biz nerds who love nothing more than brainstorming innovative online strategies to help direct sellers grow.

Tell me a little about YOURSELF!

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Cheers to new friendships!

What We’re About

Modern Direct Seller is on a mission to provide practical training to empower motivated direct sellers (just like you!) to reach their big goals and find success in direct sales faster. Whether you are new to direct selling or a seasoned pro, you’re sure to find helpful tips, training and resources to rock your biz.

You’re the Secret Sauce to Your Business!

My guess is that you don’t have a ton of sales experience and this may feel new to you? Or, maybe you’re in a spot where the strategies that used to work, just aren’t cutting it this year. If you ever feel like you’re constantly searching groups or googling to figure out your next move for your direct sales biz, you’re in the right spot.

Let’s take the guesswork out of the biz and help you prioritize what matters most to get results!

Community + Connection

Looking for a Community of Like-Minded business builders? Look no further – you’ve found your people! We’re all about finding joy in our businesses and staying focused on the things that matter most to achieve our big goals. Academy members have access to valuable direct sales training, exclusive invites to virtual events, real-time coaching and support, and so much more.

Ready for Fresh Sales Strategies??

The Modern Direct Seller Academy includes 7 self-paced courses and 6 actionable sales toolkits that cover everything from launching and scaling business systems to marketing and leadership.

And that’s not all – with our Monthly Guest Masterclass, you can stay on top of industry trends and learn from experts in topics such as Text Marketing, Pinterest, Mindset, LinkedIn, Goal Setting and More! All classes are recorded and available for you to access at any time.

Listen to Academy Member Lisa Duck speak to why she loves the Modern Direct Seller Academy

Community Focused Learning

Modern Direct Seller Academy members have access to monthly group coaching calls where you have the chance to mastermind together with other Academy Members. There are also plenty of opportunities to collaborate and connect with other individuals to expand your network. So much magic happens when we lean into learning from others outside our organization and company.

Listen here as Academy Member Sami Bedell-Melhern talks about how much she loves the community and support she receives in the Modern Direct Seller Academy.

Monthly Time-Savers

Modern Direct Seller Academy members enjoy time-saving features that help you focus on what really matters – those money-making activities!!

  • Monthly Social Media Bundle: Canva templates, done-for-you graphics and fill-in-the-blank captions to elevate your online presence with new bundles shared monthly. One for each day of the month!
  • Done For You Training for your Team: A completely done-for-you training topic that you can share and re-purpose with your team – every single month! What?!?! A Facebook Cover Photo, social media images, a video and scripting. Boom! You can take this top-notch training and use it as-is for your team, or you can adapt it. Don’t have a team yet? That’s okay! You will still benefit from this monthly training!

Cross off Social Media Posts + Monthly Team Training off of your ‘To Do List’.

Stay on Track

One of the newest features to the Academy is a Consistency Tracker. When you focus on getting your daily priorities done, you check the box and cue the confetti. Literally. Confetti bursts from your screen. (Did I mention we like to have fun?)

This is a great way to keep yourself (and your biz) on track. When you’re consistent for at least 21 days of the month, you even earn prizes. Yep – $5 to the Modern Direct Seller Shop – just for working your biz. How fun is that?

Become a VIP

But wait… there’s more. For those go-getters that are looking for personalized support and an accelerated path, we’ve opened up Modern Direct Seller Academy VIP.

Ready to know all that’s included in the VIP Program??

Everything in the Academy PLUS…

  • 50-Minute Private Strategy Call
    Unlimited Just-in-Time Coaching Questions
  • 60-minute Monthly Growth Plan + Content Strategy to create priorities and gain clarity on next steps
  • 60-minute Monthly Leadership Lab focused on your leadership development
  • 60-minute Monthly Deep Dive Mastermind to get and give feedback from other members
  • Monthly Sprints + Accountability + Quarterly Happy Mail & Swag, Quarterly Bonus Power Hour!
  • PLUS … Access to everything in the Done-for-You Training Vault ($725 value)
  • AND Oh My, Hi (yes, this – where you’re checking out the scroll party!!)

Interested in learning more about our Academy VIP Program? Click here for all the juicy details!

Monthly + Annual Options

Ready to take your direct sales business to the next level? Then it’s time to join the Modern Direct Seller Academy and gain all that access to exclusive training, coaching, and resources to help you succeed.

Come on in and let’s crush those goals together!

Stay Connected

Last thing – Let’s connect and stay in touch! Follow us on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Looking forward to chatting soon!