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I’m Natalie Beauchamp with Be Epic with Natalie. I’m on a mission to help people live their most nourishing life. If you’re looking for this, you’re in the right place. I can’t wait to get to know you better and support you as you start your nourishment journey.

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What We’re All About

If you’re new around here, Be Epic with Natalie is all about helping you on your journey to a more nourished life and loving the journey. I discovered Epicure and was hooked. I love sharing the Epicure product line because eating a nourishing diet with great tasting, healthy foods that fit my dietary choices is so easy.  Meal prep and planning is so quick and easy and best of all it’s budget friendly.

I am also a Holistic Nutritionist in training, helping people live their best life with the help of great food is my passion!

A Few of my Favourite Things

Epicure Returning Dips!

I was not always a dip lover, in fact, I didn’t eat dip until the last 2 or 3 years. Discovering the Epicure Dip options has been a game changer for me! The exploration of different flavours, using them in dips, soups, stews, in omellettes, the possibilities are endless.  The four returning dips are Sun-Kissed Tomato, French Onion, Nacho Cheese and Spinach Dip.  I highly recommend you give them a try, take a look at all your dip options here.

Sticky Orange Chicken

I am so excited to share this Sticky Orange Chicken!  I had the good fortune to taste this before the season launch and could not wait to share this one with my family!  This is one the Epicure Better Than Take Out Meals and I have to say that this one is definitely a winner! Check it out here!

Fudgy Brownie

Whether or not you are a brownie lover I truly believe you will think that this brownie is fantastic!  Take a look at your next snack or dessert here

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